The Whistler’s Den (Part V)

The road was bordered with bushes and shrubs that had risen above his height. On keen observation he discovered that the sound came from the other side of the bush that lined the dirt track on the left. Though the bushes seemed to be impenetrable, Robert managed to pass through it, beating some part of it with branch of a tree. And then he saw something most unexpected, at that time (2.00 p.m.), at that place.

A girl was wreathing in pain. He recovered from his shock, and ran hastily up to her. He had so many questions in his mind that he didn’t know which one should be asked first. But he then felt that he should first help her out. He asked, “What happened madam? You seem to be in pain!”

The lady replied, “Don’t call me madam, ok? Only miss; Miss Matilda Jones.”

-“Well then, Ms. Matilda Jones, may I know the reason of your groaning?”

– “Oh! Yes!  There’s a small bruise in my left leg and I think some poisonous bush leaves have touched it. It’s irritating like hell. But it seems, I have no other way but die here, in this lifeless place. I forgot to bring the medicines this time.”

-“ I think I can help you.”

Matilda’s eyes were wide open now as Robert unpacked his bag, and took out the medicine box, water, pain removal spray one by one. She was quite amazed to notice such a well-arranged young lad.

-“Don’t try to take advantage of the situation Mr. By the way, what’s your name?”

-“Robert Hutchinson, from San Florino.”

– “And let me tell you,  I am from Gonnerville. But what the hell have you been doing here?”

-“What the hell probably have you been doing here?”

-“Mr. Robert answer me in direct words, if you want to.”

-“ I came here to unveil the truth behind the ‘Whistler’s Den’.”

-“You mean the ‘Whistling Castle’.”

-“Yes, the same.”

By this time, along with the conversation, Robert had helped her to clear her wound, apply some mercurochrome and put bandage over the bruise. He himself sprayed the anti-irritation spray on the marked spot in her leg.

-“My work is finished now. Let me take your leave.”

-“Aren’t you ashamed of leaving only a twenty one year old girl here, alone in the wilderness. Alas! I presumed you to be a gentleman.”

-“Would you  like to assist me in my expedition Miss?”

-“Assist! You! Forget it.”

She said after a pause-“ But I may accompany you, if you want. But mind it, don’t tell people that I was your damn assistant, after we return.”

-“No problem, Matilda; I mean, Miss Matilda. Let’s resume then.”

Matilda stood up on the shoulders of Robert, and Robert for the first time in his life felt his heart go so numb.


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