The Whistler’s Den (Part III)

Here is the next part.

Robert told, “But Sir, what’s the story of that building now? Does it stand till this day?”

-“Oh, yes, of course. But I fear, you might not go there. The place is totally void of human habitation and the nearest houses are about more than a mile far.”

-“That’s not a problem, Sir. You see…”
Robert then told him his hobby of ghost hunting, in which he had been unsuccessful yet. Timberlake replied jokingly, “You may try your luck this time. If not anyone else, Franco D. Sinkonawa’s ghost is sure to give you a sight, for he is very possessive about his possession.”

A bright smile appeared to Robert’s face, and he left the place quickly, to prepare for his next ‘expedition’.

The date of the expedition was fixed to be 25th of August, that’s only a week to go. In this week, he searched the internet thoroughly, but the results he came across were disgusting- “Whistler’s Den- The Children’s Best Puzzle Game”, “Whistling Palace- Can The Princess be saved”, etc.

One day Robert thought of heading for the State Library, but couldn’t due to some other chores at home.

On 21st, he spent the whole day, moving round the town, buying all his requirements for the expedition: Torch, Cells, Bullets for his small revolver, Insect repellent oil, Matchstick, Candle, Carbolic Acid, and Water bottles. Not that he didn’t have any of them back at home, but he always preferred taking a new pack on every mission.

This expedition was more important to him than merely fulfilling his hobby. If he was successful, then he might uncover a part of history that is known very less about. It could be a discovery of National importance. All the days before leaving for Veragon, he remained so much engrossed in his studies and thoughts that he hardly spoke at home. His father even thought of seeing a psychiatrist, but Robert got infuriated at it.

    On the morn of 22nd August, he was early to rise and packed everything within an hour. His bus to Veragon was at 9.40. He got ready accordingly. Before leaving, his father asked-

“At least let me know where you are going now! And when are you returning!”

Robert answered- “ Whistler’s Den. Coming Soon”. And he left in a superb speed.

For the second part, click this link-


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